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We provide industry leading services that offer effective solutions for data and analytics, customized to fit your specific business requirements.

Data & Analytics Road Map

Let us plan the success of your Business Intelligence and Analytics journey with clear, results-driven milestones from initial conception to the final product.

Blueprint Intelligence is your trusted partner to help you understand where you are, visualize where you want to be, and map the path to get there.

Our consultants will assess your current state, goals, formulate a BI implementation strategy, and include a GAP analysis with technology recommendations.

End-to-end service support ensures you are getting the most value out of your data with user training in data access and BI tools.

A brief overview of what our Road Map covers:

  • Consult with Blueprint Intelligence to examine your information needs and establish a timeline and scope of BI implementation projects needed to meet your goals.
  • Our solution-driven approach emphasizes identifying the right tools, technology, and strategy that fit your data management needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to enterprise solutions. Our expertise in multiple platforms ensures you are receiving the best solution or technology for your needs.
  • Your BI is not adding value if it is not accessible to your users and groups. Our end-to-end care services ensure that users have the necessary tools and resources to access data through custom dashboards, automated reporting, and user training.

Data & Analytics Implementation

Blueprint Intelligence can work alongside your team or independently throughout each phase of your BI Road Map to ensure the success of your BI implementation project.

Having successfully delivered numerous Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse implementations, we know the common pitfalls to avoid and the necessary steps to take to ensure your project is a win for your business.

Blueprint Intelligence provides end-to-end resources for your project, from Project Leadership and Management to the technical team and infrastructure. We are your one-stop-shop for Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse implementation projects.

Our project management methodology and toolkit are one of the keys to our success. It is our unique approach to project delivery that ensures everything is centered on the business and its requirements. It is based on years of experience delivering Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse implementations. The toolkit provides the structure and backbone to manage the implementation.

Whether you are new to BI and starting with a custom dashboard or are looking to upgrade your current systems for enhanced performance, we can help.

Data & Analytics Consulting

Blueprint Intelligence provides expert consulting resources to help you achieve more for your BI and Data Warehouse projects. These resources provide both soft and technical skills that cover both front-end and back-end development.

BI front-end dashboards and reporting are the foundation of an organization’s data management system and consolidate all of your information into one, easy-to-understand platform. A well-designed dashboard will provide operational benefits including:

  • Greater data visibility and visualized data for better decision making
  • Real-time reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) for actionable insights
  • Predictive analytics for better forecasting

Blueprint Intelligence data management services can help you to navigate the complexities of data integration, data warehousing, data governance, and more. When you trust your data supply chains and have it delivered when and where you need it most, you can begin making better decisions for your business.

  • ETL/Data Integration to ensure your information supply-chains are sending the highest quality data from multiple sources to your master data warehouse
  • Data Warehousing optimizes your master data storage costs while improving query performance and analytics at a larger scale
  • Data Governance ensures that your data is shared securely across your organization while meeting regulatory compliances

Blueprint Intelligence ensures the highest quality of output by having leadership play a role in all consulting engagements. Leadership will act as Quality Assurance for the customer as well as facilitating and coordinating tasks, ensuring constant and open communication.

Managed Services

Blueprint Intelligence provides a monthly, cost-effective solution to help support your BI & Data Warehouse environments.

Our support consultants will augment your current team and provide the expertise you need to ensure continuity for your users and business.

This is a perfect fit for small internal teams that need help or just don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the business demand for BI.

We offer expert BI support at a fraction of the cost of a larger consultancy on an ongoing monthly basis.

Our services include:

  • Break/Fix Support
  • Minor Enhancements
  • System Monitoring
  • Annual System Health Check with Recommendations

Pre-Packaged Suites

Blueprint Intelligence has developed industry-focused BI dashboards and reporting packages that can be purchased off the shelf that plugs n plays with your systems.

  • Drop us a line or stop by one of our pop-up events, we would love to see you and hear your input.
  • Drop us a line or stop by one of our pop-up events, we would love to see you and hear your input.

Asset Management & Maintenance Analytics

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Additional Tools

Explore more of what Blueprint can do for you with our BI Health Check and ROI Assessment

Health Check

Applying Industry Benchmarks to your implementation, our Analytics Health Check is an efficient way to:

  • Identify any risk to performance
  • Diagnose the root cause of issues
  • Gain objective advice on remedial action
Health Check

ROI Assessment

ROI assessments are a vital step to ensuring that your BI investment is meeting original objectives and identifying necessary improvements to the system.

  • Calculate 12-month return against original goals
  • Identify roadblocks to success
  • provide support to improved value
ROI Assessment
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