Industry Dashboard Solutions

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Oil & Gas

COO & Global Operations Dashboard

Provides a company-wide and asset level view of critical operational metrics to help drive operational efficiencies and revenue generation

COO Dashboard - Schedule Compliance Drilldown

Drill down into specific metrics to see historical trends and details to drive actions and decisions. Such as Schedule Compliance, PM/CM Ratio, Equipment Availability, Uptime/Downtime.

Asset Management

Work Management Control Dashboard

Powerful data-driven approach and toolset to manage your maintenance operations and improve asset performance

Asset Reliability - Bad Actors - Pareto Analysis

Provides a summary and detailed analysis of bad actors by facility with interactive filters by asset, failure modes, and crew.

Weekly Planning Dashboard

Provides Maintenance Planners with weekly performance metrics and their 90-day forwardschedule. Each metric can be drilled to see the work order and asset details. These detail can also be exported to a spreadsheet.

Consumer Goods

Revenue Dashboard

Provides weekly and monthly insights into sales and revenue margins at company level as well as individual locations and customers

Business Functions


Cash Flow Dashboard

Provides weekly snapshot metrics to monitor cash flow and highlight any issues via comparisons and trends.


Vendor Analysis

Provides insight into vendor performance and trends.

Vendor Quality Dashboard

Provides Vendor performance and quality analysis, including Total Vendor Spend, Purchase Order Volume, PO Defects/Rejections, and Vendor Quality Score.

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