Core Values

Our Chief Aim: We are dedicated to resolving pain for those we have been called to serve. Working diligently, we only quit once the good work has been completed.

Pain Seekers

  • We are constantly on the lookout for our customers’ pain so we can tend to their needs before they ask.
  • We embrace complexity and challenge and yearn for them.
  • The greater the challenge, the more significant the value to the customer.


  • We will do what we say and say what we will do.
  • Individually, we will take pride in our commitments, no matter the task, and complete them to the best of our abilities.
  • If something can’t be done or is not recommended, or provides no value, we will say so


  • People first, employees second – everyone has the right to the benefit of the doubt.
  • Life is messy, and unforeseen things happen, so we will adapt and be flexible to everyone’s situation.
  • We will respect everyone in the company for who they are, and they will be accepted as family.

Intelligent Work

  • Work hard, but work smart.
  • We don’t need to over-engineer or over-design, but this also doesn’t mean delivering sub-par solutions.
  • A practical approach will suffice in most instances – “Perfection is the enemy of good!”
Work Smarter


  • Extracting innovative ideas from customer’s pain points
  • Analyzing mistakes and taking action to prevent reoccurrence
  • Anticipating potential needs and taking action
  • Improving our knowledge and staying at the forefront of the industry
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